Clowns of the World

Clowns of the World is website about the different types of clowns around the world.  Click on the links below to view a description of the various types of clowns and a little bit about their history. For more images of clowns past and present visit

Greco-Roman: Born in the early days of theatre, the art of clowning began with pantomime. Originating with the Romans, pantomime was a means of projecting an actors part to the back rows of the arena. The lively, exaggerated movement thrilled audiences. The new phenomenon was soon taken to Greece where it replaced the comedies of Menander and Aristophanes. Actors pressed further into the new expression exploring a release of energy and comedic form unfettered by traditional theatre. Out of this era of creative thinking the mask was introduced.

The exaggerated smiles and frowns portrayed in face size carvings of wood and papier-mâché were visible to audiences seated too far away to see the faces of the actors. The idea of changing the face with masks and elaborate paint took hold. The clown and his tradition began to carve a permanent place in theatre. From this humble beginning we start the story of our richest comedy brought to us by our fanciful friend, the clown.