Clowns of the World

Clowns of the World is website about the different types of clowns around the world.  Click on the links below to view a description of the various types of clowns and a little bit about their history. For more images of clowns past and present visit

Slapstick: By the latter part of the 18th Century, the highest form of entertainment in England was the mime show. The English acceptance of the character, Harlequin, had transformed the Italian-French Italian-French Commedia dell' Arte into a show with a decidedly English flavor. The "dumb show" had gradually introduced comic relief parts, The bit-players wearing red wigs and blotches of red makeup. stage They and took pratfalls, played the role of the country yokel followed by roars of laughter from the audience. Due to audience demand, these minor players in the world of mime soon had the lead role. The clown had arrived. It was at this time that the man whose became synonymous with the word "clown" got his start. His name was Joseph Grimaldi. Grimaldi's career revolutionized the art of makeup. He exaggerated the country yokel look by using the white-face makeup of the more serious French mime, and added hilarious markings to highlight his features. He topped it off with bright tufts of hair on a bald head. This look became the standard for whiteface clowns to this day. Joseph Grimaldi became the most important figure in the history of clowns. For generations clowns have called themselves "Joeys" What greater tribute can a person have from his peers? It was a wonderful achievement for a clown who never appeared in a circus.