Clowns of the World

Clowns of the World is a new website to be devoted to clowns around the world. We will be adding clown profiles, pictures, descriptions of clowning and entertainment talents and contact information for clowns around the world.

Pulcinella: With a trip and pratfall, Pulcinella rose to fame flying his banner of foolery in the guise of a smiling idiot with a fat stomach. His fellow players of the Commedia dell' Arte found his inability to perform the simplest of tasks a source of constant entertainment. The audience loved his clumsy attempts and he soon found a permanent place among his fellow clowns and players as a perfect "butt" of any joke. Pulcinella was greedy and boorish, but used his charm to swindle whomever he could.

Pulcinella, who was later known as "Punch" in England, was the character who made food the classic prop for the clown. Gluttony was transformed from a vice into an art form, with Pulcinella gorging himself with sausages pilfered from the other characters. Once the character became "Punch" in England, he was so popular that he became immortalized as a puppet, featuring the hooked nose which was part of the costume in the Commedia dell' Arte but without the mask. Punch and Judy proceeded to grow in fame. Punch evolved to a clown immortalized by children and their love for his silly puppet scenarios.